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Aug 1, 2023

Rubikal Shines as Egypt's Premier Mobile Development Powerhouse, Earning Prestigious Accreditation from GoodFirms

Rubikal Shines as Egypt's Premier Mobile Development Powerhouse, Earning Prestigious Accreditation from GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a research-based firm that aims to identify and recognize the best and most well-performing software development firms from across the globe.

Building highly scalable SaaS and mobile applications with passion endows Rubikal as one of the top mobile app service providers in Egypt at GoodFirms.

Rubikal’s Culture:

In early 2016, two like-minded entrepreneurs, Moustafa Badawy and Mohamed Ibrahim, founded Rubikal, a mobile-focused development company that would provide enterprises with a software platform and game-changing benefits. The team loves creating aesthetic, functional apps that are outstanding in every way. The specialty of the professionals at Rubikal is native iOS and Android app development. The team follows the highest standards to deliver apps that are engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.

Rubikal holds an elite hand-picked engineering workforce, presenting exceptional expertise and real-time planning and developing scalable and fault-tolerant solutions. Based in Alexandria, Egypt, the professionals at Rubikal are specialized in developing robust software solutions for startups, SMEs, and corporations. With a dynamic, agile environment, the team presents project-ready tech experts that work in full compliance with the client’s business needs and objectives. The organization has a successful long track record in helping businesses with product designing, prototyping, and development.

GoodFirm' Research Methodology

GoodFirms is a repository of the world's leading, dynamic, and well-performing IT organizations and software solutions. With its groundbreaking and authentic research process, GoodFirms has been reviewing businesses and software that could be of help to service-seekers. The enlisted companies are further probed based on the three most fundamental parameters of GoodFirms search process, viz Quality, Ability, and Reliability.

Analogously, GoodFirms examined Rubikal and asserted it to be one of the successful companies in affording exceptional services and solutions in mobile app development and app designing companies enlisted at GoodFirms. The researchers also inferred that the firm would soon tap into the flourishing companies list at GoodFirms, rendering web development services to the service-seekers. The below-mentioned is the summary of the evaluation report made by the GoodFirms team for Rubikal.

Developing Usable Apps That Surpass Clients’ Expectations

At Rubikal, the in-house team of app developers curates fast, responsive, and eye-catching apps with pixel-perfect designs for both Android and iOS. It is a business that affords a wide range of multichannel mobile solutions for clients of different verticals like e-commerce, Fintech, Education, e-learning, and gaming. The team develops apps that get trending & multiply clients' business ROI by turning their users into customers & make their respective brands visible. Rubikal marshaled its app development services to fuel the growth of business people and enterprises by availing a strategic results-driven approach that ensures robust development of an app idea into an immortal mobile app. The team proffers cost-effective, state-of-the-art web & mobile app development services using the most advanced technologies for clients' business suiting their business needs. With a highly-skilled team that never reconciles for less and experiments much to deliver the best, Rubikal always keeps an eye on the purchaser's requirements and goals with each application. The organization harnessed every possible way in technology and analysis to shape an app's idea into a hot seller app. Thus, executing and implementing apps that yield higher conversions and engagement for clients’ business endows Rubikal among the top mobile app developers in Egypt at GoodFirms.

Crafting User-Centric & Flawless User Experience

Rubikal, as the best mobile app design company, designs an app interface that proffers a passionate association of users for mobile applications. The design outlined by the designers blends with the thoughts and influences the users to go gaga for each click, tap, swipe, and squeeze. The team of designers identifies what components clients need on their devices and how to spread them out for them to act normally and on time.

Rubikal holds a pool of experienced and devoted UI/UX masters who are capable of designing amazing mobile apps. The team flows top-to-bottom comprehension of Android and iOS design guidelines that empowers them to form easy-to-understand and highly engaging interfaces. By incorporating the most recent technologies and innovative designs, the designers make inventive and extraordinary results in UI/UX design.

Being an accomplished mobile app design company headquartered in Egypt, Rubikal also encompasses its services in various countries, including the USA, Canada, England, and Saudi Arabia. Making outstanding and captivating applications while enhancing their permeability and ease of use endows Rubikal among the leading mobile app design companies in Egypt at GoodFirms.

Building Extensive Presence with Bespoke Web Solutions

Technology, creativity & authenticity are threaded together to derive the best web development services from scratch for startups, enterprises & entrepreneurs with the customer-first approach adopted by the developers' team. In a world where every business expects nothing less than perfection, Rubikal comes up with a wide range of web development services that marks a flawless web presence to develop the brand image of enterprises and extract the best of business opportunism from the online ecosystem.

Rubikal makes the promise to their end-users that no business will experience seclusion in the internet-rife world. Using the perfect combination of technologies, including Ruby, Elixir, PHP, Swift, Kotlin, and Javascript, the team at Rubikal develops terrific & bespoke web & mobile apps. Moreover, the tech geeks left no stone unturned in designing the best out of the best web solutions. With the team's pervasive insight into web app development technologies has earned Rubikal many success stories of web development projects with diverse needs and challenges. Thus, backed by a team of proficient web developers, Rubikal would soon earn a label among the top web development companies listed at GoodFirms.

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