Mar 5, 2024

Busting Myths: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Offshore IT Outsourcing at Rubikal

Busting Myths: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Offshore IT Outsourcing at Rubikal

At Rubikal, our journey as a key player in the offshore IT outsourcing landscape has been nothing short of remarkable. In less than a decade, we've evolved into a dynamic force, with a physical presence in two different countries, Egypt and The United Arab Emirates, respectively. And what truly sets us apart is our global reach, as we take immense pride in currently serving clients across every inhabited continent on the planet. Throughout the last ten years of our existence, our mission has been to empower startups, guiding them to realize and surpass their business objectives. It's our sweet spot, and witnessing the growth of these ventures is a source of tremendous pride for us. That being said, our influence extends beyond the startup realm. We are equally honored to have contributed our expertise to some of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies globally, showcasing the versatility and depth of our services.

Additionally, we believe in more than just providing outsourcing solutions; we are architects of transformative partnerships, leveraging our expertise to fuel innovation and drive success. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a global perspective, defines our approach. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our diverse clientele. On the other hand, we also recognize the vital importance of addressing common misconceptions within the industry. It's not just about dispelling myths; it's a commitment to transparency and honesty that lies at the core of our values. By openly acknowledging and addressing these misconceptions, we aim to fortify our credibility and foster trust with our clients and stakeholders. This is why in this blog, we will be simply debunking some of the myths revolving around the offshore IT outsourcing ecosystem and environment from the very heart of it, so buckle up for some serious waves of controversy coming your way.

Myth 1 : "Offshore Outsourcing Compromises Quality"

Dispelling the misconception that "Offshore Outsourcing Compromises Quality" necessitates a broader examination of the industry's dynamics. Contrary to this notion, a significant percentage of IT outsourcing services consumed by the Western world substantiates the efficacy and quality of offshore partnerships, with notable exceptions, of course. Consider the pivotal role played by countries like India, Mexico, Egypt, and Argentina in the development of tech giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung. Would these innovation-driven companies thrive without the IT expertise outsourced from the developing world? The unequivocal answer is no.

As a fundamental rule, nearly every IT product promoted in the developed world incorporates components developed, tested, and written in the developing world. However, this is often unbeknownst to many due to the stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) these companies are obligated to uphold. The undeniable reality is that the symbiotic relationship between developed and developing nations in the realm of IT outsourcing is not novel; rather, it is a well-established practice that often operates behind the scenes, shaping the technological landscape we interact with daily.

The growing trends indicate a strategic shift towards leveraging the specialized skills and cost-effectiveness offered by offshore partners. Companies are increasingly recognizing that quality need not be compromised when outsourcing to global providers; instead, it can be enhanced through diverse talent pools and innovative approaches. Highlighting these trends becomes instrumental in reshaping perceptions around offshore outsourcing. It is not merely a cost-cutting strategy but a strategic move to access top-notch talent and specialized expertise globally. By understanding the dynamics of the industry and dispelling misconceptions, businesses can make informed decisions that align with the current realities and opportunities presented by the global IT outsourcing landscape.

Myth 2 : "Communication Barriers Lead to Project Delays"

Many assume that communication challenges inherently result in project setbacks, but the industry's evolving landscape tells a different story. The reality is that strategic approaches and advanced tools have reshaped how communication is managed across borders, challenging the notion that geographical differences hinder project timelines.

Within this context, Rubikal, as a prominent player in offshore IT outsourcing, exemplifies effective communication management. Recognizing the significance of streamlined communication, we implement strategic plans that account for linguistic nuances and cultural differences, ensuring efficient information exchange within global teams. Our commitment to overcoming communication challenges is further evidenced by the incorporation of cutting-edge tools and innovative strategies. By leveraging advanced communication technologies, minimum language entry barriers, fully funded language enhancement programs, and real-time collaboration platforms, we create an environment where our global teams synchronize efforts seamlessly, ultimately minimizing delays and enhancing overall project efficiency.

In essence, Rubikal's approach is not just about addressing a specific myth but contributing to the broader narrative of reshaping how communication is perceived in the industry. Through our industry-specific insights and practices, we aim to showcase that effective global collaborations are achievable with the right tools and strategies in place, challenging the misconception that communication barriers inherently impede project timelines.

Myth 3 : "Offshore Outsourcing is Only for Large Corporations”

The evolution of this industry showcases a shift towards accommodating businesses of all sizes. Contrary to the belief that only large corporations benefit from offshore services, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have increasingly found value in tapping into offshore expertise. This trend reflects a broader industry movement towards inclusivity, providing businesses of varying scales access to specialized skills and cost-effective solutions through global partnerships.

Within this context, Rubikal stands as a testament to the industry's evolution. Our commitment to dispelling the myth lies not only in challenging stereotypes but in showcasing real-world examples of SMEs thriving through our services. While successfully catering to Fortune 500 companies, our portfolio proudly includes a diverse range of businesses. This highlights that offshore outsourcing is a strategic move accessible to enterprises of all sizes.

Rubikal's role in breaking down this myth extends beyond our specific endeavors; it aligns with the industry's trajectory toward inclusivity and accessibility. As the offshore outsourcing landscape continues to evolve, we contribute to reshaping perceptions, emphasizing that the benefits of global collaborations are not exclusive to large corporations but are available to businesses seeking growth and innovation, regardless of their scale, regardless if they need 1 developer or 500.

Myth 4 : "Offshore Outsourcing Equals Job Loss Locally"

Assessing the notion that offshore outsourcing inevitably leads to local job losses is crucial for understanding the multifaceted impact of this practice. While the concern is often raised, viewing offshore outsourcing solely through the lens of job displacement oversimplifies the intricate dynamics at play. In reality, offshore outsourcing can foster a net positive effect on local employment. For instance, when a company opts for outsourcing, it can lead to cost savings, allowing the organization to reinvest in other areas. This reinvestment often translates into business expansion, creating new job opportunities locally.

Consider the scenario of a technology firm outsourcing software development to a specialized offshore vendor. The efficiency gained through outsourcing may result in increased competitiveness, leading to business growth. As the local company expands, it can contribute to the creation of new positions, not only within its core operations but also in ancillary areas such as sales, marketing, customer support, and almost every aspect covered by the business. Furthermore, the global collaboration facilitated by offshore outsourcing often stimulates innovation and specialization in the local workforce. By tapping into the expertise of global partners, companies can enhance their competitive edge, contributing to long-term sustainability and, consequently, job security locally.

Myth 5 : "Security Risks in Offshore Outsourcing"

Acknowledging concerns about security risks in offshore outsourcing is a valid starting point for our discussion. Security is paramount in the IT landscape, and the fear of potential risks is a natural and justified apprehension. However, it's essential to explore this myth with a discerning eye, recognizing that while security challenges exist, they can be effectively mitigated through strategic measures and industry best practices.

Security breaches, data leaks, and unauthorised access are genuine risks that any organization, regardless of its geographical location, faces in the digital age. The concern is amplified when considering the complexities of global collaborations in offshore outsourcing. Yet, it's crucial to delve into the nuanced strategies and protocols implemented by reputable outsourcing partners to address and overcome these challenges.

How Do We Deal With Your Security at Rubikal?

1. Tailored Risk Assessment:

We conduct customized risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, aligning security measures with every client's unique need all while adhering to strict, robust, and global IT security best practices, and our clients along with the actively live products we released are testament to that.

2. Stringent Talent Selection Process:

At Rubikal, we prioritize your data security. Our thorough talent selection process ensures trustworthy partnerships. Background checks, security audits, and meticulous evaluations underscore our commitment to providing a secure outsourcing environment.

4. Cutting-Edge Encryption:

Your data's safety is paramount. Rubikal employs advanced encryption to secure your information during transit, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

5. Adherence to International Standards:

We take your security seriously. Rubikal strictly adheres to international security standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001, showcasing our dedication to the highest industry security benchmarks.

6. Continuous Monitoring and Swift Response:

Your peace of mind matters. Rubikal employs proactive monitoring for the swift detection of irregularities. Our robust incident response plans ensure prompt action to address and mitigate security incidents.

7. Employee Training for Security Awareness:

We prioritize a security-conscious workforce. Rubikal invests in comprehensive training programs to minimize human factors in potential security vulnerabilities. Your data's integrity is safeguarded by our knowledgeable and vigilant team.

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