InsideTrack: A Pioneering Student Coaching Platform Equipped with Rubikal’s Trailblazing Tech

InsideTrack: A Pioneering Student Coaching Platform Equipped with Rubikal’s Trailblazing Tech

Project overview

For over a decade now, InsideTrack and Rubikal have been working back to back on elevating a one-of-a-kind student and career coaching platform. InsideTrack has trusted Rubikal with its entire development portfolio for the past ten years, and the partnership has been an immense success to this day. Whether front or back-end development, data engineering, or full-scale app development, Rubikal has surpassed all expectations with its unique talent pool.

If we didn’t have Rubikal, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We wouldn’t be able to absorb or maintain the products that we currently have on the market. They’re essential to our business - Mike Prosper - VP of Product Development,  InsideTrack

Project Scale and Overview

To this day, InsideTrack has invested a whopping 7-figure number that encompassed full-scale platform and app development for InsideTrack’s main flagship product. As a result, Rubikal developed a bulletproof platform as well as native iOS and Android apps that enable coaches to communicate amongst themselves and with students using text messaging, virtual calls, and emails while providing fundamental web functionality.

Our success would not have been possible without Rubikal’s contributions. That includes shipping to customers, fulfilling our client expectations, and signing new contracts. They’re absolutely critical to our success and our ability to move any needle in any software capacity - Mike Prosper - VP of Product Development,  InsideTrack

Jun 2022
Platform & Mobile
Web & Mobile


Rubikal, not only did it provide InsideTrack with the necessary product development kits and strategies, but it also provided the coaching giant with the necessary talent to successfully absorb the growth in momentum. Rubikal, as of now, supplies between 40-50 team members to InsideTrack’s development and services teams, making scaling down or up a liability that the product owner no longer has to bear.

We started out with seven or so people across mobile and engineering. We’ve expanded that to include more types of engineering and areas outside of engineering because Rubikal is uniquely situated in an area where they have access to a lot of emerging talent. That talent has allowed us to add to our team. Now, they supply between 40–50 members to our team  - Mike Prosper - VP of Product Development,  InsideTrack

Project results

Rubikal’s Impact on InsideTrack’s Success Story

Working side by side with InsideTrack over the past decade has been a pleasure; together, we surpassed 22.2 million engagements throughout all the different channels and grew symbiotically in the same breath. This would have never been possible without the unwavering support and blind trust they have put into us, our technologies, and our amazing team - Mohamed Ibrahim, CEO, Rubikal 

Powering millions of people through inventive and innovative technologies is what we stand for at Rubikal. We enable visionaries who dare to think outside the box and dream about the future. Through our agile approach and unique solutions, we create meaningful products that empower far-sighted entrepreneurs to achieve the unachievable.

At Rubikal, you get the best of both worlds. You get the benefits of a dynamic, fast-delivering, reputable, and technologically capable development house while controlling every single line of code and thread of hair along the whole process. Moreover, we abide by a strict strategy that empowers our “strategic partners”; yes, we do not consider our prospects as clients. We, however, tend to think a bit bigger. Therefore, throughout the entire process, our presence and guidance are felt.

From the moment we gather your requirements, we delegate tailor-fit account managers to handle and troubleshoot any existing blockers while providing sustainable and thorough aftercare solutions if and when they are encountered. This three-step agile approach enables us to get really close and personal with the products we deliver and facilitates the way for us to be fully immersed in the product from start to finish, allowing us to be accountable, responsible, and obligated to deliver nothing less than perfect. 

Their flexibility and adaptability to meet the changing needs of our business is what sets them apart. They’ve grown with us when we needed to go, and shrunk when we needed to shrink  - Mike Prosper - VP of Product Development,  InsideTrack

InsideTrack: A Pioneering Student Coaching Platform Equipped with Rubikal’s Trailblazing Tech

Project Overview

We design, build and launch various digital products using a purposeful goal and objective-oriented agile approach. With the elevation principles in mind, we strive to observe, understand, and deploy our extensive development expertise to effectively meet our strategic partner’s core needs and desires. This project is yet another example of how our clean, simple, and user-oriented development will funnel in your users rather than drive them away. To know more about what we can do for your business and how we can help you realize your vision, contact us now for a d, or if you’re not ready yet, you can check out ourCase Studies.  

What our clients say.

Mike Prosper
San Francisco, California, U.S

"Rubikal is one of the partners we work with
to meet our product development needs.
If we didn’t have Rubikal,
we wouldn’t be where we are now."

Alina Achiricioaei
Senior Service Design Manager
Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

“Rubikal went above and beyond the client's expectations when it came to their design services. The team provided timely responses and they even worked after working hours to make sure that the project was finished on time.

Riham Mansour
Seattle, Washington, USA

"Rubikal has provided great people who have contributed to the development of the platform"

Dorrian Porter
Founder & CEO
San Francisco, California, U.S

“Rubikal’s work is excellent. The team is talented, efficient, and on top of the ball. Customers can expect a responsive team that goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and success.

Christopher Leake
Vice President of Technology
Los Angeles, California, USA

“The resources provided by Rubikal have integrated smoothly and effectively into the client’s team, providing high quality work that perfectly supplements the skillsets of the inhouse team. Their developers are consistently communicative and interested in the client’s long-term success.”

Simon Romeiss
Berlin, Germany

"Since we’re very happy with the results, we’re now planning bigger, more long-term projects with them.”

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