Archways to Careers: A McDonald’s Employee App Developed by Rubikal

Archways to Careers: A McDonald’s Employee App Developed by Rubikal

Project overview

McDonald’s has long been criticized for having one of the poorest employee turnover rates as well as having limited to no career growth. The corporate’s reputation for employing temporary personnel who consider working at McDonald’s as a side hustle has been a topic of controversy for a long time now. And in an effort to debunk the myths about McDonald’s being just about flipping burgers and shaking Oreos, the idea of launching a new career exploration mobile application, “Archways to Careers,” came to life.

With the support of Rubikal’s Previous partner and national success coaching organization Inside track, McDonald’s will now offer all its employees a real career advising tool. Through this tool, restaurant employees can get in touch with Inside Track’s experienced consultants to support, coach, and assist them in realizing their career goals. 

Jan 2020
Software Development
Web and Mobile


In Jan 2020, after utilizing what was already developed for Inside Track, Rubikal signed a 5-figure deal with Strada (Inside Track’s mother company) to create a full-fledged mobile app for McDonald’s restaurant employees. The Archways to Careers mobile app was developed to include functions that enabled employees to discover career-building opportunities, identify their future long-term goals, and, most importantly, talk to real-life trained career coaches for guidance and advice. In addition, the dashboard itself was white-labeled from Inside Track’s platform, while other features like an Autobot were included to smoothen up the experience altogether.

How Did McDonald’s Feel About the Mobile App?

Project results

The McDonald's system workforce has immeasurable talent to offer, and with its existing education benefits coupled with this rich new mobile experience, restaurant employees are better equipped to discover and advance their careers, positioning themselves for long-term career success no matter where they end up - Rob Lauber, Global Chief Learning Officer
We are proud to continue to invest in and create more opportunities for those that work at McDonald's. - Rob Lauber, Global Chief Learning Officer

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Archways to Careers: A McDonald’s Employee App Developed by Rubikal

Project Overview

We design, build and launch various digital products using a purposeful goal and objective-oriented agile approach. With the elevation principles in mind, we strive to observe, understand, and deploy our extensive development expertise to effectively meet our strategic partner’s core needs and desires. This project is yet another example of how our clean, simple, and user-oriented development will funnel in your users rather than drive them away. To know more about what we can do for your business and how we can help you realize your vision, contact us now for a d, or if you’re not ready yet, you can check out ourCase Studies.  

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